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Re: advise for a newbie please

Subject: Re: advise for a newbie please
by TetraLinz on 3/8/2012 14:27:06

Goldfish never stop growing - at least on the inside, so being in a bigger tank, he will probably start to grow again physically. It just means he may not to get to his full potential size of 10-12". Stunting is not as simple as the fish stops growing and looks small compared to a full sized fish of similar age. The organs NEVER stop growing, ragardless of what the physical form of the fish is doing, so if s/he's 2" long (or the size of a 6month old BM) his organs are the size of a 2-3 year old fish.

Having Googled your filter, it appears that the crystal is used to remove water discoluration. If so, it's a bit like carbon - it's best use is for removing meds and other impurities from the water, but otherwise it's not really needed. My advice would be to take it out and replace with other media, but keep it handy in case you need to start medicating the tank. The crystals will remove them from the water after the duration of the treatment is over.

The sponge is the media - that's where the bacteria will grow their colonies.