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Re: Why do my little fishies keep dying? :(

Subject: Re: Why do my little fishies keep dying? :(
by Jellybean on 12/9/2011 13:09:47

Hi simplyobsessed, I haven?t got anything to add to the great info you?ve had so far other that to endorse every word.

The majority of pet stores & fish shops are in it to make money plain and simple. The links under my signature strip have already been advocated by others on here but I would urge you once again to have a read through them.

Members here come on day after day to pick up the pieces for people who have been lead astray with the woeful lack of knowledge given them by fish shops who just want to send you away with a container, (I wont refer to them as tanks/aquariums because they are not) and a couple of cute iddy-biddy fish (babies) to put in it. We have nothing to gain, we don?t get paid to come on here, the advise is sound and absolutely free, the only difference is that we have learnt through years of experience the best and most successful way to keep fish humanely.

Ask as many questions as you like, we generally have members on at all times of day and night (those who cant sleep )