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Re: disaster leaving a dilemma

Subject: Re: disaster leaving a dilemma
by pc566 on 1/2/2011 23:59:18

great, thanks for the replies, ill go get the 20g tank tomorrow morning. my other tank cracked in the car on the way up, it was huge, was one my grandfather used to hatch his koi in, i never bothered to measure it though.
hopefully after my birthday this month i'll be able to get a much larger tank so i can get some more fish, i was thinking 1 or 2 goldfish (not the fancy ones) and a couple of snails just for variety.

i'll let my mate know about the biorb, if it's viable to get a few shrimp to put in it then he'd like that, to be honest a couple of snails would probably make him happy.

cheers guys