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disaster leaving a dilemma

Subject: disaster leaving a dilemma
by pc566 on 1/2/2011 23:23:32

right, i have 2 goldfish ive had for 3 years, one is a bit bigger then the other but they are still both pretty small so not sure on their real age. they were in a nice big tank during transit from the south up to yorkshire and the tank broke. so i managed to save them in a tub and got a cheap 15 gallon tank and have them in that now.
i cant afford anything bigger then a 20 gallon tank at the moment, what with being an impoverished student. they have plenty of room as far as i can tell in the 15g but if you more experienced guys think different then i'll go for the 20 gallon untill i can get something bigger.

also, i've always just had those 2 by them selves and it's been a bit bland, what other types of fish would be able to go with goldfish?

sorry about the long one but on a side note, a friend up here found a small biorb tank, i think its only about 3 gallons so i told him it wasnt appropriate for anything really but told him i'd find out more for him.

thanks alot guys, really appreciate any help.