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Re: Advice needed about redness in tail

Subject: Re: Advice needed about redness in tail
by missbish on 23/12/2010 1:22:44

It does sound a little worrying,and so odd that water parameters are all spot on aswell. I did a some googling and found this link, which might be useful if you haven't already seen it

http://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/gol ... in-like-streaks-fins.html

If it's any consolation I have a fantail that is predomintaely white, though some orange patches, and it developed reddish lines on it's tail. I was worried at first, but kept monitoring it. They seem to come and go a little, and appear to be a natural variation in the fish.
I'm pretty sure comets change their colour a bit as they get older.. I guess it depends how old your fish is.

I would keep an eye on it, and see if any other symptoms develop that might give you a clue to what it is (or isn't as it may be)
I would probably lay off the antibiotics for now, IME they should only be used as a last resort, and you've already used it so recently.

I hope that helps,Goodluck