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Have my loaches had an argument?!

Subject: Have my loaches had an argument?!
by Lonnwy on 19/11/2010 21:00:52

I know this is a bit of a strange question, but I've got two loaches and for the last 5 months they've been fine together in my tank, (along with my goldfish "originally" named Fishy, blame my neice!! Lol!!) For the last coupla weeks Pollux (one of the loaches) has been constantly hiding on top of my filter, while the other one (Castor!) has been hiding in my pretend urn, and never the twain shall meet!!

Up until about 2 days ago, they've never both been out together, never sucking the walls of my fishtank at the same time, and Castor usually bullies Pollux until he goes into hiding again! But lately they've both been out feeding next to each other whilst flicking their tails at each other ....

Is this flirting, fighting or signs of a final truce between the two?!?!

Any help appreciated!!
By the way, Fishy the Goldfish just ignores both of them, unless it's to see if they move when he pinches their tail!! Lol!!