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Re: Best Filter for 3 Orandas in a 215l tank?

Subject: Re: Best Filter for 3 Orandas in a 215l tank?
by maccy_g on 22/4/2010 20:05:15

Hi Violet,

Thanks for your quick reply, my thoughts confirmed then.

Not wanting to put any pressure on you but what would you recommend as a good external filter for this setup? I've been looking at the Eheim's / Fluvals but I have been blown away by the amount of different models & features etc, if you know of any other good makes then please let me know.

I think the Eheim Professional 2226 looks a good bet, stating it's suitable for tanks up to 350l but based on what you've just said would you recommend I went for a filter rated for tanks around 500l?

I always wonder how filter companies can state "suitable for aquariums up to 350l" when they have no idea of what fish you're planning to stock? I can only assume they base those figures on low stocks of small, low polluting fish.

As for ammonia, no I haven't been adding any - should I be?