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Best Filter for 3 Orandas in a 215l tank?

Subject: Best Filter for 3 Orandas in a 215l tank?
by maccy_g on 22/4/2010 19:48:40

Hi everyone,

I bought a second-hand 215l fish tank (L: 48", W:15", H:18") a couple of months ago which came with an old-style internal Fluval 4 filter (i.e not the "plus" version) - it also included gravel, a hood, lighting etc - basically everything to get started apart from fish & plants.

It's now all set up & planted with the filter running and has been left to cycle for a month but now I'm ready to add some fish.

I'm planning to keep just 3 Oranda's in this tank - from past experience I'm aware of how big these fish can get and I won't keep anymore than 3 (despite staff at my local fish store telling me I could keep 6+ Oranda's in this tank!).

My question is:-

Is the internal Fluval 4 going to be a good enough filter for a tank of this size, and perhaps more importantly will it be good enough for 3 Oranda's bearing in mind how polluting they can be? It's worth mentioning that the Oranda's will only be 1" - 2" from purchase.

I want to get this right first time and I've trawled through the internet relentlessly but I cannot find a definitive answer to this question and so I'm hoping to draw on the experience of you guys to help me out.

2 local fish stores both told me the Fluval 4 would be fine but then again they also told me that 6 Oranda's could live in my tank so I don't know what to believe!

Your help would be greatly appreciated