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Re: Advice on sick Blue Oranda & Black Moor

Subject: Re: Advice on sick Blue Oranda & Black Moor
by Miss Pennyapple on 29/1/2010 19:15:26

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

The first thing I'm going to say is that these illnesses and death of your fish will be more than likely caused by water quality issues. You tank is too small for your fish to begin with. 2 fancy goldfish require a tank of 100L minimum. It also sounds like you didn't cycle the tank before you added the fish. Did you? This means adding a souce of ammonia (fish food for example) to the tank for approx 4 - 6 weeks until the good bacteria needed to keep you fish safe, can establish in the filter.

Here's the process every filter/tank must go through before you have good water quality; fish produce ammonia through their waste and this is highly toxic to them. Without the good bacteria in the filter to convert this ammonia to NitrITE the fish will get sick. Once the bacteria convery the ammonia to NitrITE, this is still toxic to them. NitrITE will suffocate your fish, which is why another type of good bacteria is needed. NitrITE is converted to NitrATE. NitrATE is the end product of the Nitrogen cycle I've just described and is tolerated by your fish at low levels. THis end process indicates that the tank is 'cycled' and safe for the fish. Unless you allowed this process to happen in your tank for 4-6 weeks it is unlikely your tank is cycled.

The bacteria needed to keep the fish safe and break down their waste lives in your filter. It is vital that you never clean the filter under the tap, as this will kill all the good bacteria you need. You must only ever rinse your filter sponges in a bucket of old tank water.

How ofter are you performing a water change? You need to get a test kit asap to test you water and give us the resuilts for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. The API kit is good, don't use the paper test strips as they are not accurate.

The damage to your fish doesn't look too bad at the moment - the moor looks ok. Don't add any more meds to the tank. They will be having an adverse effect at the moment on your water quality and cycling process.

Until we know your water test results, you should perform a 50% water change as soon as you can, and there after a 25% water change everyday. Remember to use a dechlorinator and temp match the replacement water. If you can keep the ammonia and nitrite as low as possible for the moment with the water changes until your tank is cycled I'm confident your fish will recover.