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Re: Hello folks

Subject: Re: Hello folks
by Miss Pennyapple on 29/1/2010 19:26:05

With that tap water results for PH (which is preferred by goldies) and difference in your tank, something is happening in there to bring that down so low. What do you have in the tank decor-wise? What kind of gravel? How often do you do a water change?

Were those last test results for your tap water? It has ammonia in it?

Yes, rehoming the algae eater is a very good idea. And in a tank that size that's overstocked, water changes every 2-3 days will be required really to keep the fish healthy until you can upgrade.

It's very annoying, and upsetting, when pet shops give out incorrect info all the time. Been there, got the wrong info, and had to find out for myself that I'd got wrong info! But I was able to upgrade and fix my fishy problems. Thank goodness! I try to keep away from places like Pets at Home now, as it just upsets me to see their tanks - most of the time they are being treated for whitespot it seems!!