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Re: Hello folks

Subject: Re: Hello folks
by Miss Pennyapple on 28/1/2010 22:06:26

Hiya, I think getting a larger tank of 200L plus for the 3 fancies would be sensible. The Shuunkin will get even bigger than the fancy goldies so you should consider rehoming him to a pond in the spring. I think you said you had an algea eater thing in there too? Not suitable tank mate for goldies - can get boistrous and injure the goldies and they like to eat the slimecoat off the goldies! Yuck!

Yes, get a test kit asap, the strips are no good. I'm going to guess that your Nitrate level will be high as your very overstocked. I struggle with my nitrate level and I have 4 fancies in 165L which is why i'm upgrading to 260L asap. And that Ph is a concern, too low for goldies, but I've never really understood the Ph thing so can't advise on what to do about it. What is your tap PH?