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Re: is my fish dying? help!

Subject: Re: is my fish dying? help!
by Andieu on 24/1/2010 13:54:10

Suey and Jay are both right.
The fish are basically pond fish and need biiiiiig tanks.
At the moment their waste is poisoning their water because it's such a small tank so they are suffocating.
They will die in that small tank sooner rather than later. . Like suey says get a bigger container-either a tank or a storage box for now and move the fish and the filter.
You have to have a filter because that is what processes all the waste. I'm guessing the one that came with the tank you have is not going to be powerful enough but it's better than nothing for now.

The shops that sell fish and tanks like this are terrible and it causes so many problems.
But if you're quick, you might be able to save the fish.

And yes. It's definately a toxin problem, and part of the reason you have seen no change is because the tank is so small as soon as you put fresh water in it will be polluted again.
Even in a bigger tank you'll not see improvements for a good week if not more.