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Re: Antibiotics

Subject: Re: Antibiotics
by Francesvdm on 29/1/2010 8:16:56

That is what I found out about egg impaction too. I have been in regular contact with Andy, and it was he who said salt the tank and push the temp up. All of which I did. Then last night he said he didn't think it was eggs, and if it was internal there was nothing I could do - not what I wanted to hear.

But... on the lighter side, last night she was not floating and in fact spent a fair bit of time under the plant she likes to sleep, but upright. I expected to find her upside down this morning, and although she is swimming with a wiggle, she is all over the tank. She is really hungry and her tummy is not so swollen anymore.

It has been more than a month of her battling and so I am not going to get happy to quickly. But FX, she may be on the mend! :)