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Re: Antibiotics

Subject: Re: Antibiotics
by Francesvdm on 28/1/2010 13:58:10

Hi Rachel,
ALL ideas are so worthwhile and valued, coz at some stage something must work. I did think it sounded just like Gilly and I can't remember what you did that finally changed her?
I have tried everything you suggest, form lights on for one session (she was worse) to experimenting with temperature. She was far, far worse without the heater when the temp would drop low at night, so I have it set so that it doesn't go below 20C at night.
Today she has diverted very slightly from her normal pattern, and she is not floating upside down, just floating right way up at the top. Going to do another massive water change tomorrow to lower the nitrate even further.
What are you views on egg impaction?