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Re: Antibiotics

Subject: Re: Antibiotics
by Francesvdm on 28/1/2010 10:41:40

This little fish has me totally confused. She is a lot better than she was but her schedule is as follows:
6am - dark and I creep in, she is sleeping upside down at the bottom.
8am - when the lights come on she swims totally normally, no floating issues. Gets fed.
10am - starts to be floaty at the top
12pm - starts to invert
2pm - upside down at top
4pm - upside down at bottom
5pm - when the lights come on she is totally normal again and the cycle starts again.

She got a quarter of a mushed up pea this morning and still it made her float. Don't know what else to try. Starting to think it is egg impaction, and I don't know how to deal with that except put her with a male, but then won't it all just start over again?