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Re: Dwarfing / stunting Question

Subject: Re: Dwarfing / stunting Question
by longhairedgit on 3/5/2009 1:24:13

Start thinking about upgrades when or if he breaks about 5-6 inches in the body. Generally the first signs of dwarfing conditions are when the fish regularly gets into a pattern of slowing activity and brain quickness, more lethargic behaviour, often literally because his metabolic demands are outstripping the tanks ability to provide for that metabolism, you'll probably find it also outstripping the usual 10ppm nitrate hike per week reading, which is the first sign of chemical overstock unless the aquarium is very heavily planted or you use denitrating techniques outside of water changes. Even on a fast growth estimate you'd probably be ok for a couple of years minimum, on average probably three to four. Lots of variables from temperature to diet and genes. A totally accurate time guestimate would be impossible, goldfish growth speed varies a lot.

If the opportunity presents itself though, always get the eventual and final size tank for the fish as soon as possible. Less work, less risks, less worry when you go on holiday, more chemical stability, better o2 level. Plus you never want to find yourself in the situation in a few years time should your finances change, of not being able to afford a bigger tank and owning a fish so big its in need of rescue.

Never a small fish was harmed by being in a big tank.