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Re: There is a hole in my fish.

Subject: Re: There is a hole in my fish.
by longhairedgit on 30/4/2009 16:46:01

Sounds like eaglec is on the money, chances are the bacteria has hit at a later date rather than being a problem from introduction given the timescale involved so yourt most likely cause would be aeromonas or furunculosis, something thats opportunistic and almost omnipresent in aquaria, and more likely to occur with fish that are cramped.. Furan 2 will shift that, and yes the goldfish is showing signs of dwarfing and its form isnt too good structurally.The primary reason its getting these infections is not just the presence of the bacteria which would be less pronounced in a larger better oxygenated aquarium with higher flow rates, but because the dwarfed fish typically has a less efficient immuno response.

These are comet goldfish so more appropriate starter tanksizes, (which also make treatment safer) would be 30 gallons, later 55 gals, and for those fish with a big growth potential, even potentially larger later on, perhaps even 75-100 gals for multiple fish, better yet a pond.

The dwarfing the fish is sufferring from will have to be reversed, or this sort of thing will keep on happening and goldies only survive so many doses of meds like furans. Getting him well and out of the risk zone for infection will take treatment now and some immediate redressing of his environmental needs to improve the chances of long term survival. Even powerful filtration does not make up for the volume needs of comet goldfish. They really need the volume no matter what the standard of filtration is. Growth and the avoidance of dwarfing is about fitness, exercise, good gaseous levels, and water quality stability that changes very little vs time, and none of that is acheivable over the long term with fish of this growth potential in small aquaria. Thats why we have a 30 gal minimum for goldfish on this site, and for comets in particular the door must never be closed to even larger tanksizes depending on the growth response you get from the 30 gallon minimum.