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Re: Help for my comet please

Subject: Re: Help for my comet please
by longhairedgit on 30/4/2009 16:48:57

You should consider the possibility that a 4.4 litre wont have the o2 replenishing rate needed for healing though. 4.4 litres is so small it would adversely affect the metabolic rate of almost any species of fish living in it. You can never account for sheer luck, but on average a 4.4 litre is too small for probably 95% or more cases where fish need treatment and recovery to happen successfully. Add to that that formalins and organic dyes drop the o2 level a fish can absorb and its also the reason that not only do many fish fail to recover in them, but actually suffocate under treatment. The key to successful medication protocols is a low relative stocking level, primarily because of gaseous availability for the sustenance of a decent level of metabolic rate and cellular replacement is essential.