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Re: Appeal for advice re poorly goldfish

Subject: Re: Appeal for advice re poorly goldfish
by Tamianth on 22/5/2005 17:54:09

Hi Wendy,
Sorry the fish is doing so poorly! :( Thats certainly a lot of years for a goldy and you've done well to have him/her so long! :)

With TB involved, you would most likely see a "pineconing" effect of the scales, aka dropsy. :( Are you seeing scales raising? Whats your water parameters look like? Ph, ammonia,nitrite, nitrates, KH-Gh? Black marks tend to denote some ammonia burn.. so have you had any ammonia spike recently? Meds can muck up the filters and bio bugs.

IMHO, it does sound more internal, and I would go with medicated food such as romet, metro meds, aqua meds to get the antibiotics inside quicker. Treating the water generally treats externaly and fish absorb very little inside. The other alternative would be injection of Baytril and this has to be from a vet, though you can give the shots yourself!

Tumors are likely, Goldies do tend to develope them as they get older. Depending on where they are, and what they are, they may/may not effect the fish.