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Re: Reduce Nitrite - Which method is best?

Subject: Re: Reduce Nitrite - Which method is best?
by Tamianth on 22/5/2005 6:04:39

Hi Danoli,

Nitrite is the bummer part of the cycle in, water changes of course are a must. However, salting the tank to 0.1% or 0.15% dureing this phase will be a help also. Nitrite binds the blood, and the salt helps offset this! Yes, you can cut back on the food or even cut it out completely for a few day's to help reduce the nitrite.

1 tsp. per gl = approx 0.1% minus some for the rock and any decorations etc., and any salt will do so long as it has no binders or ysp. I recomend a salt test kit also as this does help to actually see where the salt stands.

Live plants should be removed as they will not withstand the salt.

Indeed, straddling the middle of what you have read so far in places, but with a slight difference! :)

Hope this helps you! :)