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Re: Carbon

Subject: Re: Carbon
by slips on 31/5/2004 0:54:27


Yes the picture is the tank we have 'Moby Dick' it is 15" x 8" x 8" and is 20L capacity I have no where near what they have shown in the photo in it though. Just a fake plant,a real plant and a luminous 'awful' bridge thing that the kids wanted for it.

The fish we have are an Orange Oranda (Nemo) and the other one I think is a fantail (Biff) (The kids chose the names by the way).

I cycled it for a week as per the shops instructions. But only added stress zyme and stress coat which came with the tank. (Did not add any food during this). The tank has been up and running for a month now (fish been in 3 weeks) and I have been testing it every day and have changed 20% of the water most days. Now started leaving it for a day or two between changes. Apart from white spot on one of them (treatment sorted this out)fish have been OK.

Both seem like a pair of hungry so and so's, either that or extremely friendly. Been feeding them twice a day (shop said a couple of times a week?) and twice a week have been giving them some Daphnia in a jelly from a sachet(only a drop from it not whole thing).

I appreciate your help.