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  • Webmaster

 Re: PC130407.JPG

this one is cool but you can see the wood doesn't go all the way through.

Of course if it did any expansion of the wood would split the tank.

Maybe it could be done with silicone somehow.

  • Just can't stay away

 Re: PC130407.JPG

If it did go all the way through, the water would just leak through the (porous) wood

  • Home away from home

 Re: PC130407.JPG

mister is correct... it would be a disaster!

they have a website which tell us a bit more about what they are doing...


  • Marine  Adviser

 Re: PC130407.JPG

that is pretty cool, i would imagine quite easy to achieve the effect, that has given me a little inspiration too. maybe will give it a go. probably find my own bits of wood and creat something for less than ?2000 though....

  • Coldwater Moderator

 Re: PC130407.JPG

You need some of those air plants to attach to the wood on the non-water side. Then it would look less like a stick glued to a tank and more like an extension of the planted up wood in the tank - go on Coralline, you know you want to


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