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Brand new pump - no plug
Brand new pump - no plugPopular
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 Re: Brand new pump - no plug

I got this from ebay legal advice:
* All distributors of electrical goods including second hand and those sold by auction are required to ensure that the product is fitted with an approved plug that has sleeved neutral and live pins and contains the correct fuse. Trading Standards therefore recommend that you fit a new plug that meets the latest safety specifications to any item being sold and dispose of the old one.

* All plugs are required to carry the approval name and reference number - usually BSA or ASTA.

* A plug does not have to be moulded on but must be fused correctly.

* There are some appliances that are permitted to be sold without a plug if intended for permanent connection to mains electrical wiring such as ceiling lights.

* You MUST also provide clear instructions for rewiring if the plug fitted is of the rewirable type normally by way of manufacturer's card fitted over the plug pins.

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 Re: Brand new pump - no plug

Sorry, the picture is there for another post.

As an aside, the way round it is to cut the plug top off and claim you do not know how to fit one. That way it is up to the end user which plug top and fuse they choose to fit.

(My point of the picture is to illustrate that you can buy things brand new that do not require a plug top to be fitted.)


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