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My aquarium
My aquariumPopular
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  • Not too shy to talk

 Re: My aquarium

Beautiful, It is like a wonderland. Forget the fish I would want to live in there.

  • Coldwater Moderator

 Re: My aquarium

It's really lovely That does look quite a deep layer of gravel - have you thought about taking a bit out and having more water?

  • Home away from home

 Re: My aquarium

Now that is one beautiful tank i wish i could have a nicely planted tank, but with goldies its a never ending job of replanting on a daily basis, mine are being very naughty just now shifting decor and the likes

  • Tropical Moderator

 Re: My aquarium

Thanks all for comments!

As to the gravel - there IS too much I think. It came with the tank and I just cleaned it and put it back, but there's a problem with it anyway as my GH rises in the tank after a water change so I think something in the gravel is leeching into the water. Violet suggested changing it but I'd ahve to do it a bit at a time as it's on top of a functioning UGF so don't want o remove it all in one go.

Not sure how long the plants will stay put as my pleco has a habit of shifting them about unintentionally as he swims by.



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