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More Rummy Noses
More Rummy NosesPopular
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  • Home away from home

 Re: More Rummy Noses

Very nice I love Rummies Was going to get some myself while the 96ltr was cycling, but I was warned they need excellent water quality - which at the time, I couldn't guarantee.

  • Home away from home

 Re: More Rummy Noses

Thanks Linz!

Yeah they are very sensitive to poor water quality, long term they lose the red in their noses if you don't keep on top of it, and by then it can be too late to put it right. I've been lucky to only lose two in the while I've had them (and this was in the first two weeks which is a real touch and go time for these fish whilst they are settling in)

Their colours are even more vibrant than when I bought them now tho!


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