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SubmitterflappinganimalMore Photos from flappinganimal   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update18/5/2010 17:22
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It's a crab. Taken at the aquarium of the lakes.

Spring  Ducklings

Spring DucklingsPopular
SubmittersophieMore Photos from sophie   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update12/5/2010 13:48
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Went to the park last week and guess who I saw there.

Nothing calls out spring like little ducklings.

Going to have to go back with the camera and tripod and try to get some of the swan making his nest and chasing the Canada Goose off the island.

Its Spring

Its SpringPopular
Submitterdwss59More Photos from dwss59   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update10/5/2010 19:44
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2 of my fire bellied toads doing what they do best in spring. Up a tree. They are amphibians keeping in with the aquatic theme

Whitby, April 2010

Whitby, April 2010Popular
SubmitterJellybeanMore Photos from Jellybean   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update4/5/2010 8:27
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Angelfish (P.scalare)

Angelfish (P.scalare)Popular
SubmitterJohanMore Photos from Johan   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update3/5/2010 23:05
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Jones - the SFF

Jones - the SFFPopular
SubmitterVioletMore Photos from Violet   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update3/5/2010 17:51
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Looking a bit grumpy on this one lol. Species tank only.

Congo Clan 2

Congo Clan 2Popular
SubmitterVioletMore Photos from Violet   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update3/5/2010 17:15
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Oh dear, other pic a bit small, hope this works better...

Blue Acara and off spring

Blue Acara and off springPopular
Submittermikethorpe1968More Photos from mikethorpe1968   CategorySpring 2010 Compo   Last Update30/4/2010 21:06
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Wave X Cube PICO Reef

Wave X Cube PICO ReefPopular
SubmitterBradaMore Photos from Brada   CategoryMicro Tank Competition   Last Update11/1/2010 9:50
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After turning off 220 lit Reef tank, this is what was left behind. It is Cube 30X30X35 cm. Filtration is Live Rocks and AC Hang-on 30 filter (active coal & RowaPhos) + one circulation pump (700 lit/h) No fishes, but there is one Lysmata amboinensis, Lysmata kuekenthali and several starfishes (Ophioderma longicaudum (Retzius, 1805)).
There are some soft corals and LPS (Euphyliy, Caulastrea)

Mini Microgeophagus Ramirezi Micro Tank

Mini Microgeophagus Ramirezi Micro TankPopular
SubmitterjonnyunlimitedMore Photos from jonnyunlimited   CategoryMicro Tank Competition   Last Update24/3/2009 3:44
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Photo No. 91-100 (out of 5241 photos hit)
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