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SubmittersuilaireMore Photos from suilaire   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update8/3/2008 20:31
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... This is me and my girl (the real suilaire) - taken just before I broke my knee, back in january.


SubmitterEggbutMore Photos from Eggbut   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update27/6/2010 21:37
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This is Eddie [Edwina!], she is a Mousehound and will be 9 years old in October [2010]. We also have Bob, her sister from the same litter.

No1 new arrival today

No1 new arrival todayPopular
Submittermaggot2002More Photos from maggot2002   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update6/6/2007 21:51
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Just arrived today along with his sister Bonnie

Ronnie & Reggie

Ronnie & ReggiePopular
SubmitterSilverfishMore Photos from Silverfish   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update30/1/2011 19:05
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SubmitterFreakyshrimpMore Photos from Freakyshrimp   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update8/8/2007 15:42
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Bamboo Shrimp 2

Bamboo Shrimp 2Popular
SubmitterKrissyMore Photos from Krissy   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update27/11/2007 20:40
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The is the more colourful one, did look like one below when added but seems to love eating anything and using its fans to clean the tank like brushes heh

Yes glass is a state but pic were taken to be seen

Max guarding his favourite ball, lol

Max guarding his favourite ball, lolPopular
SubmitterTetraLinzMore Photos from TetraLinz   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update11/1/2008 7:41
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myself and ella-jo

myself and ella-joPopular
SubmitterdekkerMore Photos from dekker   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update16/2/2008 20:11
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SubmitterEuryaleMore Photos from Euryale   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update14/11/2005 20:06
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Its been posted before but here it is again seeing as we now have a proper place for it

home of mighty finn the golden orfe

home of mighty finn the golden orfePopular
SubmitterMIGHTYFINNMore Photos from MIGHTYFINN   Category6. Members Gallery   Last Update16/5/2009 15:44
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hi all
i have been buiding ponds on and off for a few years, the most recent is in my garden and most of it was rescued from a pond at a project i worked at.Although over the years not all the fish survived i managed to rescue seven,two golden orfes and two white and blue ones ??? and three shubunkin. Now they have more friends, some goldfish more shubunkins and four ogons in various colours. Any questions please ask as i have a bit of experience

Photo No. 321-330 (out of 5242 photos hit)
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