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How do I join?
Easy! Click here and fill in the form.
How much does it cost to be a Member?
Nothing, it's free!
Why should I join?
Some areas of the site are member only - this is to maintain control of the site and sense of community.
Will my email address be sold or anything?
Not by us. You can choose to hide your email address from other users when you register.
Do I have to live in the UK to use the site?
No, we welcome members from anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind that most of the advice on the site is relevant for the UK climate only. If you have a similar climate to the UK then the advice on the site will be mostly relevant.

Also keep in mind that medications and food in your locale may be different.

US members should be aware that UK measurements are not always the same as US measurement.
Unless there is a very good reason, we do not delete user accounts, posts or threads at a user?s request or provide a means for users to delete their own accounts or past posts.

Sometimes, a member may decide they no longer wish to participate in the FK forums. Whilst we don?t like to see people leave, occasionally it happens. If you decide you no longer wish to participate, please be aware that this is not a valid reason to ask for your account to be deleted. If you choose to leave, it?s simply a matter of not visiting. If you really can?t trust yourself to stay away, ask a moderator to ban you. This will prevent you from logging back in and if you change your mind later we will not reinstate banned accounts and do not allow people who have been banned for any reason to open a second account so please think carefully before asking us to do this.

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