Electric Blue Hermit Crab
Alternative Name(s): Blue Knuckle Hermit Crab / Marshall Island Hermit Crab
Scientific Name(s): Calcinus elegans
Category: Marine Invertebrate
Maximum Size: 5cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 75 litres
Minimum Tank Size: n/a
Water Temperature Range: 24-29°C

General Information: Has blue legs with black banding, blue face and bright orange antennae. Both claws are close to being equal size, and are brownish green in color. It originates exclusively from the Marshall Islands. Diogenidae Family.
Tank Requirements: SALINITY SG: 1.023-1.025
Diet Requirements: Omnivore - shrimp, algae (green hair), cyanobacteria and detritus. If there is insufficient algae to eat, their diet must be supplemented with seaweed.
Compatibility: Reef Safe. Semi-aggressive toward other tankmates. Will attack and kill snails and other hermit crabs for their shells.
Recommendations: Provide an ample number of empty shells of various sizes. A Hermit Crab will moult from its exoskeleton in order to grow. Useful for its sand sifting.
Common Problems: None.
Similar Species: Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab, Electric Orange Hermit Crab, Halloween Hermit Crab and Zebra Hermit Crab
Sexing: There are no distinguishing characteristics to help differentiate males from females.
Breeding: Breeding in an aquarium is extremely difficult.
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