Pitbull Pleco
Alternative Name(s): Goby Plec
Scientific Name(s): Parotocinclus jumbo
Category: Tropical
Maximum Size: 6cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 70 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 30" x 12" x 12"
Water Temperature Range: 20-26°C
Water pH Range: 6.4-7.5
Water Hardness Range: 5-15 dGH

General Information: A very characterful little fish which gets on with most other fish of about its own size and smaller. Ideal for the smaller tank where larger plec species are not recommended. Colour can change depending on substrate colour, generally ranging from medium to dark grey with some greenish and golden shades.
Tank Requirements: Preferably a planted aquarium with plenty of shaded areas in which to hide during the day. Better if two or more are kept, or it will group together with Cories. When scared or alarmed will attempt to bury itself so a soft substrate like sand is preferred.
Diet Requirements: Scavenger. Algae and algae wafers, spirulina tablets, vegetables, catfish pellets. You will be pleased to hear it does not eat your prized and pampered aquarium plants.
Compatibility: Lives well in a community tank with smaller occupants such as Danios and other colder temperature species.
Recommendations: Best kept in groups. Preferably 1:1, M:F. Low current is advisable.
Common Problems:
Similar Species:
Sexing: Males have longer pelvic fins, the tips of which extend beyond the origin of the anal fin. The urogenital papilla is positioned just after the anal opening in males.
Breeding: Sandy bottom with plenty of bogwood and plants. No lights. Temp 25c. Weekly 50% water changes - cold water, dropping temp to 20c. Eggs laid on glass, hatch after 3 days.
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