White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Alternative Name(s):
Scientific Name(s): Tanichthys albonubes
Category: Coldwater
Maximum Size: 5cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 60 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 2ft
Water Temperature Range: 15-22°C
Water pH Range: 6.5-8.0
Water Hardness Range: 3-17 dGH

General Information: These beautiful Minnows are a great addition to a coldwater or sub tropical aquarium. They take the middle of the tank and can be very greedy when it comes to food.
Tank Requirements: See Minimum Tank Volume and Minimum Tank Size above
Diet Requirements: Basic diet of flake food with peas and brine shrimp occasionally.
Compatibility: Short finned variety can be mixed with Zebra Danios for the top and Pepper Corys or Weather Loaches for the bottom if you have a tank more than 4ft at 21 or 22C.
Recommendations: Best kept with fish that can't fit them in their mouths.
Common Problems:
Similar Species: Vietnamese Minnows
Sexing: The males are more colourful and slimmer than the females.
Breeding: Use a marble substrate or a spawning mop, with the water fairly shallow. Then top up with chilled dechlorinated water to induce spawning.
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 Minnows discolouring ?

Hi all,
Just joined up on the site as we've started keeping fish for the first time since me or the girlfriend were young !!.
We have a 55 litre 'old fashioned fair ground' style bowl with one telephone box ornament and 6 different sorts of plants but slowly 2 have been fallen apart so we've removed them and all the loose bits.
Our fish collection consist of 2 fancy tailed goldfish, 1 bottom feeder and 8 minnows (2 lepoard, 2 zebras and 3 white cloud). We've lost 1 bottom feeeder and 1 lepoard recently and within a week of each other but as our water is good and everything looks healthy I guess this part and parcel of fishkeeping.
My only concern is that 1 of the white cloud's has started to lose or fade in colour especailly where he was once very red, any ideas from anyone why this is ?.
All commnets would be very useful especially as were looking to add a few more of each minnow to our collection soon.
Kind regards Rich (gardo)

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 Minnow sick! Please help! T.T

I have had five mountain minnows in a tank with other fish for just over a month now. I'm afraid the tank is only a 30 liter but i haven't stuffed it with fish (putting less in than suggested initially) and am doing my utmost to keep it clean :)

However one of the minnows (all of the others are completely fine) has a large stomach (really puffed out) With white patches showing through the skin. It's smaller than the other minnows and swims near the surface with it's head up. I have tested the tank for any ammonia or other changes but all the colours come out in the 'ok' zone. The filter is working fine but a couple of days ago it did get a little clogged up with algae and struggled to work a little, but I quickly cleaned it and it has worked perfectly since (not adding new tap water or anything and scrubbing any extra algae off of the tank walls on the same day. I didn't do a water change because everything else seemed fine.)

Please i've done everything I can but I'm not sure what's wrong! I know minnows close to spawning get fat but i'm sure they don't swim strangely like that so please help!

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 is my white cloud mountain minnow pregnant????

Resized Image

Is my white cloud mountain minnow pregnant?? I need too now by today or tommorow thank u

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 Minnows dying off, please help

Joined this site as I am hoping some of the fish keeping veterans will be able to help. So I am very new to keeping fish, I got a 12l tank ( yes I am aware it is probably too small, I fell into that same pets@home trap where they tell u that 12l tank is enough for 6 WCMM). So I have had this tank for about 2.5 months now, had an ammonia spike which I managed also was battling with hard water at first. And after all that initial craze everything was fine until one of my pretty minnows stopped eating, stayed in the corner by the filter then just swam weirdly around the bottom of the tank. Then of course suddenly and drastically died. Now I am noticing some of similar behaviour in another one along with discolouration, as in its becoming pale, just kinda bobbing near the bottom and not eating. At first I thought maybe they aren't getting enough oxygen (installing pump with an air stone today), but I lost the first fish about 2 days ago and now another one is behaving weird. I am worried that maybe they are ill? Infected somehow? I bought all of my fish, 2 shrmip and 2 snails from the same shop (idk if that is even relevant). If anyone has any idea of how I can save my fish, what is wrong with them or any tips please help.

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