Sun Coral
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Category: Marine Coral
Maximum Size: 0cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 0 litres
Minimum Tank Size:
Water Temperature Range: 0-0°C

General Information: Shade loving coral which requires specific feeding to maintain and promote healthy growth. When the polyps expand they have sun like tentacle appearance.
Tank Requirements: See Minimum Tank Volume and Minimum Tank Size above
Diet Requirements: specific feeding of the individual polyps is required with eg mysis shrimp/krill
Compatibility: Most fish leave this coral alone, although the fish can get to the food before the coral has a chance to grasp it.
Recommendations: Can place a plastic bottle with the base cut off over the coral and put the food through the neck of the bottle. This will ensure the food reaches the coral without being eaten by surrounding fish
Common Problems: starvation and dying back if not fed correctly
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