Fire Shrimp
Alternative Name(s): Blood Red Fire Shrimp, Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp
Scientific Name(s): Lysmata debelius
Category: Marine Invertebrate
Maximum Size: 5cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 0 litres
Minimum Tank Size: Most sizes are fine
Water Temperature Range: 22-26°C

General Information: Bright red with a few white spots.
Tank Requirements: SALINITY SG: 1.023-1.025
Diet Requirements: Scavengers - typical of shrimps in general. Ensure Iodine is supplemented to promote moulting.
Compatibility: Fine to add with other common marine shrimp
Recommendations: Don't mix with marine fish that like to eat invertebrates.
Common Problems: Likes to hide away. Not seen as readily as a Cleaner Shrimp.
Similar Species:
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