Scooter Blenny
Alternative Name(s): Scooter Dragonet
Scientific Name(s): Synchiropus ocellatus
Category: Marine Fish
Maximum Size: 12cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 110 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 25 Gallons
Water Temperature Range: 24-27°C

General Information: The Scooter Blenny, also called the Scooter Dragonet, can be quite hardy, but does best on a large reef. Typical of the Dragonets, the Scooter Blenny is a small fish with a rather large head and large ventral fins which it uses to perch on rocks as it moves around. Its eyes are mounted on top of the head busily looking around, and its mouth is small and pointed. Typical colouring consists of a starry pattern of black with white blotches.
Tank Requirements: SALINITY SG: 1.020 - 1.025 Despite their small size and biological load they require a large area of rock to graze on. In a small tank they would strip the rock of all food and then slowly starve.
Diet Requirements: They browse on copepods and the like. Brine shrimp, flake etc., does not contain the necessary nutrients so a large natural browsing area must be provided.
Compatibility: Fine in a mixed tank.
Recommendations: They prefer to have a large reef to move around on.
Common Problems: Starvation and malnutrition leading to a slow death over a period of months or even years.
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