Serpent Starfish
Alternative Name(s): Red (Bahama) Serpent Star
Scientific Name(s): Ophioderma squamosissimus
Category: Marine Invertebrate
Maximum Size: 30cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 110 litres
Minimum Tank Size:
Water Temperature Range: 22-26°C

General Information: Smooth scaly legs. Commonly found under rocks. Very long thin legs that can span up to 16 inches. Can live for years.
Tank Requirements: SALINITY SG: 1.021-1.025
Diet Requirements: Carnivorous. Dentritivore. Scavenger that feeds on fish faeces, dead organisms and uneaten food. Needs to be hand fed weekly to ensure it's getting enough food.
Compatibility: Reef safe as long as well fed. Will prey on sick/dying fish. Ornamental. Useful in reef aquariums.
Recommendations: Can actually keep as many as 1 Serpent Star per 5 gallons of water to keep fish waste down. Needs very slow drip acclimatisation when first introduced to a tank.
Common Problems: Sensitive to changes in pH, temp, SG and oxygen levels. Many succumb to rapid bacterial infections which cause necrosis of the legs or whole body.
Similar Species:
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