Red Cherry Shrimp
Alternative Name(s): Cherry Shrimp, Cherry Red Shrimp, R.C.S
Scientific Name(s): Neocaridina denticulata sinensis Red
Category: Freshwater Invertebrate
Maximum Size: 3cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 12 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 12 x 8 x 8 inches for sma
Water Temperature Range: 21-27°C
Water pH Range: 6.8-8.4
Water Hardness Range: 7-15 dGH

General Information: One of the easiest shrimps to keep and especially suitable for beginners. Larger range of pH and hardness tolerance than most and a prolific breeder, though will not breed in softer more acidic conditions.
Tank Requirements: Provide moss and plants for them to hide and climb in, gentle filtration and pristine water as they do not tolerate ammonia/nitrite at all well.
Diet Requirements: Largely herbivorous. Provide a good shrimp pellet as a staple and supplement with fresh vegetables, algae wafers etc. Take care not to overfeed and pollute the water.
Compatibility: Can be housed with small peaceful fish. Larger/more aggressive fish should be avoided as they may see the shrimps as food. When housed with peaceful fish, any shrimplets born are likely to be eaten.
Recommendations: Do not mix colour variants in the same tank as they will cross-breed and the end result may be a reversion to the dull wild colouration.
Common Problems: Poor water quality will kill shrimps fast so attention to maintenance is vital. Too little calcium in the water can cause problems with their exoskeleton.
Similar Species: Other colour variants of the same species (Yellow, Orange, Green etc).
Sexing: Females are larger and far more red coloured than males. The "saddle" where eggs form can be seen on females when eggs are beginning to develop.
Breeding: Given good water conditions and food these breed readily. Fertile eggs can be seen as they develop underneath the female and the appearance of black "eyes" means they will soon hatch.
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