Assassin Snail
Alternative Name(s): Bumble Bee Snail
Scientific Name(s): Clea helena, Anentome helena
Category: Freshwater Invertebrate
Maximum Size: 3cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 0 litres
Minimum Tank Size: NA
Water Temperature Range: 22-27°C
Water pH Range: 6.8-8.0
Water Hardness Range: 10-25 dGH

General Information: A small freshwater snail (whelk family) that looks very attractive, and is often used to help keep pest snails in check.
Tank Requirements: These snails prefer alkaline water as their shells start to dissolve in softer water. A sandy substrate is best as they use this to hide in to ambush their prey.
Diet Requirements: These snails will feed on pest snails, bloodworm, brine shrimp and sinking catfish pellets they will not eat algae.
Compatibility: Suitable for a community tank, but there are occasional reports of Assassin Snails attacking small shrimp, but this is not the norm especially if there are plenty of pest snails for them.
Recommendations: Water quality needs to be good, with a good supply of meaty food.
Common Problems: If there is a large pest snail population, the Assassins will breed well. This will still not be anywhere near as quickly as the pest snails breed though.
Similar Species: Not known
Sexing: Not possible
Breeding: Keep a group to make sure you have both males and females. The snails will appear to attach themselves for several hours or longer. They lay single eggs & baby snails can take several months to appear
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