Pearl Cichlid
Alternative Name(s): Pearl Eartheater
Scientific Name(s): Geophagus brasiliensis
Category: Cichlid
Maximum Size: 25cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 320 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 60" x 18" x 18"
Water Temperature Range: 20-28°C
Water pH Range: 6.0-8.0
Water Hardness Range: 1-15 dGH

General Information: Geophagus brasiliensis is a South American substrate-spawning cichlid. It is fairly easy to keep and breed, as long as good fishkeeping management is maintained. This cichlid is sometimes mistaken for the the more aggressive Texas Cichlid. A very attractive cichlid.
Tank Requirements: Soft, sandy substrate with bogwood pieces and one or two flat rocks for spawning sites.
Diet Requirements: Flake or pellet food but should be given variety in diet including live or frozen foods.
Compatibility: Fairly peaceful with other non-aggressive South American Cichlids of roughly the same size and temperament. Will protect territory when breeding.
Recommendations: NOT for a community tank, keep in a species tank or with other similar South American Cichlids.
Common Problems: Hole in the head disease.
Similar Species: Texas Cichlid
Sexing: No known way to determine visually except males are generally larger.
Breeding: Use a pH of 6.0-7.0 and a higher temperature of 76-78F. The eggs are laid on carefully cleaned rocks. Do not remove the parents after the eggs are laid as they are excellent parents.
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