Fire Goby
Alternative Name(s): Firefish, Fire Dartfish
Scientific Name(s): Nemateleotris magnifica
Category: Marine Fish
Maximum Size: 9cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 114 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 25 Gallons
Water Temperature Range: 24-26°C

General Information: Torpedo shaped fish with elongated dorsal fin. Primarily off white with yellow and red extremities. The caudal fin is patterned with deep red/black lines, anal fin often found to have traces of deep green running to the caudal peduncle. Yellow head with pink or purple spots and a purple/pink stripe running along the fontanel towards the base of the dorsal fin.
Tank Requirements: SALINITY SG: 1.024 - 1.026 Peaceful tank with open swimming space along with ample hiding places.
Diet Requirements: A varied diet is required to maintain the beautiful variety and vividity of this species colouration. N. magnifica is a planktivore specialising in eating suspended prey. May pick at the substrate.
Compatibility: Peaceful species. However will attack conspecifics, can only be kept in groups in the largest of tanks, otherwise singly. Perfect reef inhabitant, will not harm ornamental crustaceans or corals.
Recommendations: 1.Peaceful tank 2.Varied diet 3.Tight fitting aquarium lid (will jump if startled) 4.Keep singly
Common Problems: A very robust species in the right environment. Avoid housing with aggressive or boisterous fish such as some Damselfish and Angels. Will hide and refuse to feed in these instances.
Similar Species: N.decora, N.helfrichi and some similarities in specimens of the genus Ptereleotris.
Sexing: Difficult, no known and/or reliable methods.
Breeding: Successful captive breeding is rare, information is sparse. Primarily due to the aggression shown between individuals.
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  • Just popping in

 Can i keep a goby with...and can i have a....

Is it possible to keep a Goby firefish with a Scooter Blenny. But.... I already have turbo snails, Cleaner Shrimps and Hermits, but..... the tank isn't very big its only 160 litres?

Also would Royal Gammas be ok, the real ones not false. I would like a few different coloured fish really, but i'm not sure what i could pick and get away with in a tank only that size.
So far i have:
2 Pacific Cleaner Shrimps
5 red legged Hermits
5 Turbo snails

It's a live rock (fish only) tank and i'm kinda new to it all, My water is going great and of course, i have the normal Skimmer, water flow pump, outside filter etc...

The tank is full of little tiny silver type bugs, thousands of them, are the shrimp happy to eat them till i get fish in 9which i plan to get something in next week)?? Would a blue Starfish be ok in there as the husband (Robin) wants one all though i'm not too keen.

Sorry sereval questions for you.

Thank you

Heidi x Link to my tank photos below: ... uqtL-LoAE&feat=directlink[/img]

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