Parrot Cichlid
Alternative Name(s): Hoplarchus psittacus
Scientific Name(s):
Category: Cichlid
Maximum Size: 45cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 450 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 6ft
Water Temperature Range: 26-30°C
Water pH Range: 5.5-6.0
Water Hardness Range: 5-10 dGH

General Information: Large South American cichlid. Olive green and blue hues with dark stripes on head, orange underbelly blush (wild caught specimens only) and black tail spot, powerful mouth. Found in the Rio Negro, Rio Orinoco and Rio Pandauri in calm warm waters with low hardness and pH, blackwater areas. Stays midwater to bottom, rarely surfaces.
Tank Requirements: Excellent filtration and plenty of plant cover, though may eat plants, fakes are do-able. Due to their preference for high temperatures natural aeration may not be sufficient.
Diet Requirements: Omnivore, comparable feeding regime to a Severum, usual cichlid pellets, additional live foods, ground mussel and feeder shrimp when young, and blanched greens.
Compatibility: Poor, fights can be vicious, bite power guarantees severe wounds. Best in a species tank. Single opposite sex pair unless tank is huge. 150 gallons recommended for pairs.
Recommendations: Typical South American blackwater biotope. Tough plants if any, firmly fixed decor, high oxygenation and overfiltration, use of subdued lighting, RO water, peats, blackwater extracts etc.
Common Problems: Hexamita susceptibility, particularly poor diet, and poor cleanliness. UV steriliser recommended. Low 02 levels, poor growth rate, aggression, territoriality, severe bite wounds.
Similar Species: Monotypic genus, only one fish in the family. Uaru, Severum, and Synspilums in a similar scope of interest, with similar care needs.
Sexing: Not possible visually
Breeding: Rare due to late maturation and limited partner compatability, spawns on solid objects, often under overhangs, may rearrange decor, considered possible only in large water volumes.
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