Alternative Name(s): Admin, Webmaster
Scientific Name(s): fishus adminus
Category: Tropical
Maximum Size: 180cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 600 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 48"
Water Temperature Range: 20-32°C
Water pH Range: 5.0-9.0
Water Hardness Range: 0-40 dGH

General Information: Native to the Internet. Often found fixing problems on FK and helping members with their accounts.
Tank Requirements: Although not large or messy Fishadmin likes a big warm volume of water to splash about and swim in.
Diet Requirements: An odd mixture of total junk food and very healthy food. Do not feed soggy brussel sprouts.
Compatibility: Avoid mixing with young annoying members of the same species.
Recommendations: Keep a good Internet connection running at all times. Kept without Internet this species may become more active.
Common Problems: Males may get very territorial when lying on the beach. Suffers from cold temperatures and lack of sunlight.
Similar Species: Graphic Designer, Web Developer
Sexing: The male will likely be a bit untidy and have facial hair.
Breeding: Avoid breeding at all costs. If accidentally bred this species may disappear on a one way flight to Australia.
Author(s): EagleC, Fishlady, Fishadmin | Photo: Fishadmin | Views: 13636
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