Blind Cave Fish
Alternative Name(s): Blind Fish, Cave Fish
Scientific Name(s): Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus
Category: Tropical
Maximum Size: 9cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 100 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 36" x 15" x 12"
Water Temperature Range: 20-25°C
Water pH Range: 6.5-8.0
Water Hardness Range: 8-25 dGH

General Information: Easily the most novel fish commonly available today, the Blind Cave Fish is named for what it lacks - eyes. Although totally devoid of eyes, they have an uncanny ability to navigate adeptly, apparently by bouncing sound waves off objects around them. Originating from deep caves in Mexico, where the lack of light and predators has made vision unnecessary, eyes are not the only feature this fish lacks; this unique fish is also without pigmentation.
Tank Requirements: Prefers the water slightly alkaline, but in terms of decor and substrate choose what suits you, or what suits other compatible tank-mates.
Diet Requirements: Blind Cave Fish are as easy to feed as they are to provide a habitat for. They will consume any food offered, including flake, freeze-dried, frozen, and live foods. For optimum health they should be fed a varied diet.
Compatibility: Suitable for most peaceful community set ups with occupants who share its water requirements, but some can be unwitting fin-nippers as they search for food.
Common Problems:
Similar Species:
Sexing: Females are somewhat larger and plumper than males, especially when egg-laden. Males have a curved edge to the anal fin, which is straight in females.
Breeding: Spawns readily in cooler water (around 20-22C). Once eggs are laid, remove adults as they will eat them. Fry hatch in 24 hours and are free swimming a week later. Infusoria is the best first food.
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