Red Tailed Black Shark
Alternative Name(s):
Scientific Name(s): Epalzeorhynchos bicolor
Category: Tropical
Maximum Size: 13cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 250 litres
Minimum Tank Size: At least 48 inches long
Water Temperature Range: 23-26°C
Water pH Range: 6.5-7.5
Water Hardness Range: 5-15 dGH

General Information: Beautiful looking velvety black cyprinid with red tail. It is best to keep one of this species in your tank because they will become very aggressive and territorial towards each other.
Tank Requirements: See Minimum Tank Volume and Minimum Tank Size above
Diet Requirements: Does best on live/frozen foods - artemia, insect larvae such as bloodworm and daphnia along with plentiful vegetable matter and quality pellets/flake.
Compatibility: Best with larger tropical fish given their aggressive nature. It is not recommended to keep them with Rainbow Sharks unless your tank is very large. Nocturnal bouts of nipping can be frequent. Limit competing bottom-dwellers. Choose fast robust top level fish.
Recommendations: Provide them with many hiding places and have a tight fitting hood because they are also known to be excellent jumpers. Heavily planted tanks with some shady spots are appreciated.
Common Problems: These fish can be hostile and are not recommended for community fish tanks with smaller tropical fish. They seem to behave best when kept with larger fish with only the occasional burst of chasing.
Similar Species: Cyprinids, Barbs.
Sexing: Hard to determine, but the female may have a greyer stomach whereas males are solid black.
Breeding: Very difficult to breed.
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