Alternative Name(s): Banded Cichlid
Scientific Name(s): Heros efasciatus
Category: Cichlid
Maximum Size: 25cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 210 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 48" x 15" x 18"
Water Temperature Range: 22-29°C
Water pH Range: 5.5-7.0
Water Hardness Range: 1-8 dGH

General Information: Large stunningly patterned highly variable fish from the Amazon and Rio Magdalena, available in an array of colours that rival discus. Surprisingly gentle for a cichlid of this size, but a league above Angels and Discus in terms of predation and territoriality. Territorial but rarely persecutory unless aggravated by less peaceful species or when breeding.
Tank Requirements: Sand or gravel substrate, driftwood branches, low flow.
Diet Requirements: Omnivorous diet, easy to feed. Base food around quality dry food with regular live/frozen bloodworm, chopped earthworm, prawns and blanched veg.
Compatibility: Excellent considering the size of adults, small Tetras will be eaten. Better to house with fish averaging 2-6 inches in length. Will wane if placed with other larger and more aggressive cichlids.
Recommendations: Superb fish in large Amazon setups with crystal water, tough plants and cover. Species does not deserve to be cramped in small aquaria. Recommend 100 gal plus accomodation. Diet variety important.
Common Problems: Hexamita, and presence of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate above 40 ppm will prove deleterious. Tougher than Discus, but only a little.
Similar Species: Lots of Heros relatives, many are hybrids, some similar Cichlasoma species, often in the same scope of interest as Discus and Angelfish.
Sexing: Sexes almost identical, requires behavioural observation or exam of genital papillae to be sure. Fins of males on average, more pointed. Vague nuchal hump.
Breeding: pH kept in tight rein, 6.0-6.5, 25-28c. Eggs laid on rocks, excellent parents. Fry consume liquid fry formulae, aufwuchs and artemia nauplii.
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