Red-breasted Flag Cichlid
Alternative Name(s): Red-breasted Acara
Scientific Name(s): Laetacara dorsigera
Category: Cichlid
Maximum Size: 8cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 70 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 24" x 15" x 12"
Water Temperature Range: 22-28°C
Water pH Range: 6.0-7.5
Water Hardness Range: 1-8 dGH

General Information: Cute little cichlid with basic cream and black colour that changes according to mood. Varying from blues to greens and reds, even purples on the underbelly and chin. White moustache. Tough little fish, adaptable and forgiving of beginners errors. Small territory, and variable, but usually peaceful temperament.
Tank Requirements: Best displayed in a dimly lit tank with dark substrate and floating plant cover to reduce its natural shyness. Bogwood and roots simulate its natural home and a few flat rocks should be included for spawning.
Diet Requirements: Omnivorous and easy to feed using a good cichlid pellet base and supplementing with frozen and live foods, vegetable matter and spirulina.
Compatibility: Very peaceful for a cichlid and can be housed with shoals of Tetra, Hatchetfish or Pencilfish which will encourage it to show itself. In larger tanks can be combined with other dwarf cichlids such as Apistogramma and smaller Loraciids, given sufficient territory and spawning sites.
Recommendations: Nicely planted tank reflective of Amazon or swamp conditions, plenty of cover to avoid occasional territorial disputes.
Common Problems: Stressed by larger cichlids.
Similar Species: Laetacara curviceps, identical care, also a good fish. Most Acaras are much bigger, though similar when young.
Sexing: Both sexes have dorsal spot though that of females is often larger, males slightly larger overall, more intense belly colour. Females plumper. Behaviour and avid pair bonding usually settles the issue
Breeding: Prolific under optimum care and live food provision. Egg layer, flat rocks, horizontal leaves. 60+ eggs, fry require tiny foods (artemia) and aufwuchs.
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