Alternative Name(s): Sterlet, Albino Sterlet, Eurasian Sterlet
Scientific Name(s): Acipenser ruthenus
Category: Pond
Maximum Size: 90cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 0 litres
Minimum Tank Size: at least 1000 Gallons
Water Temperature Range: 10-22°C
Water pH Range: 7.0-0.0
Water Hardness Range: 0-0 dGH

General Information: True Sterlets are a slow-growing, large fish suitable for ponds upwards of 1000 gallons, however care should be taken when purchasing these as many larger similar Sturgeon and hybrids are mislabelled and can grow much larger. Sterlets can be identified by white edges to the pectoral fins when young, white dorsal and flank lines. The albino variant is slightly smaller reaching 60-80 cms.
Tank Requirements: These fish need good filtration and high levels of oxygen, particularly in the sumer months when temperatures rise. They don't like high temperatures or direct sunlight so shaded areas are a must.
Diet Requirements: They cannot digest plant proteins, so their food needs a high fish meal/shrimp meal content. Avoid foods made from wheat as the fish may well eat it, but it will not do them any good.
Compatibility: Can be kept with larger fish, Koi etc and with more of its own kind, bearing in mind the increased water volume needed to accomplish this. May eat smaller fish and fry.
Recommendations: Needs quality high protein food, well oxygenated water. Use an air pump throughout the summer months to back up the main pump. Filtered water.
Common Problems: Can become trapped in aquatic plants/blanket weed and sustain injury and exhaustion. Sensitive to common meds and needs lower doses. Suffers from malnutrition, oxygen starvation and heat problems if guidance is not adhered to.
Similar Species: Families Acipenser, Huso and Scaphirhynchus. None with a length of over 1 metre come recommended, some reach 6 metres.
Sexing: No external differences.
Breeding: Sexual maturity is reached quite late, most males average from 18-24 years at their first spawning and females from 24-28 years. spawning season is from May to June.
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