Banjo Catfish
Alternative Name(s):
Scientific Name(s): Bunocephalus coracoideus, Dysichthys coracoideus
Category: Tropical
Maximum Size: 15cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 70 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 24" x 15" x 12"
Water Temperature Range: 20-27°C
Water pH Range: 5.8-7.8
Water Hardness Range: 2-20 dGH

General Information: The Banjo Catfish is native to Peru, Brazil and Bolivia and is a peaceful community catfish who can be trusted not to eat smaller fish. Their relatively small size and inactive lifestyle make them very suitable as a catfish choice for the smaller tank as long as you don't mind not seeing them too often.
Tank Requirements: Sand substrate as they like to dig, dim lighting, bogwood/rock and plenty of hiding places.
Diet Requirements: Not fussy and will take sinking pellets etc., but prefers bloodworm and earthworm as a treat. Feed after lights out to ensure they get a fair share of food.
Compatibility: Excellent with small peaceful fish over 1.5 cm such as Cories, Tetra and Dwarf Cichlids and can be housed singly or as a group.
Recommendations: Provide a loose small grain substrate of sand, fine gravel or sterilised leaf litter of at least 2 inches depth, preferably three. Plants to diffuse light, cover, caves, and bogwood.
Common Problems: Starvation, injuries from digging, saprolegnia, fungus and bacterial issues, often fin loss in response to poor substrate cleanliness. Stress from lack of cover and high light levels.
Similar Species: Several Banjo species, some with long or "whip" tails. Ameralia, Platystacus, and Bunocephalichthys all have several representatives. Largest is about 25 cm.
Sexing: Females grow larger and plumper. Sexing them matters very little unless you plan to breed them.
Breeding: Spawns at night onto substrate. Successful breeding in a community tank is unlikely as they and other tank-mates will eat the eggs and any hatched fry.
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