Alternative Name(s): Dwarf Suckermouth Catfish
Scientific Name(s): Otocinclus macrospilus
Category: Tropical
Maximum Size: 4cms
Minimum Tank Volume: 50 litres
Minimum Tank Size: 18" x 12" x 12"
Water Temperature Range: 21-28°C
Water pH Range: 5.5-7.5
Water Hardness Range: 1-12 dGH

General Information: Generally more active at night. Specific species of Otocinclus are hard to differentiate, but requirements and behaviour are all much the same. They make good miniature algae eaters for a planted tank although will not tackle major outbreaks of algae. Must be kept in a shoal and they require very good filtration. Most species of Oto don't grow much over 3cm and prefer soft water.
Tank Requirements: Any well planted mature tank with suitable water parameters and no predators. Do not overfeed, but you should see them with a nice round belly.
Diet Requirements: Vegetable matter and algae. Supplement their diet with fresh veg and algae tablets for proper nutrition.
Compatibility: These offer no threat to any community although if starving have been known to suck on larger fish's slime coat.
Recommendations: Heavily planted tank with plenty of algae to eat and lots of places to hide.
Common Problems: Starvation due to lack of green foods, acclimatisation must be done very carefully.
Similar Species:
Sexing: Males are smaller and thinner than the females
Breeding: Not much on the subject, but they generally require very clean soft water and plenty of plants and algae to get in the mood.
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 Otos, salt and pepper corys, tank size

Hi, Thank you for accepting me to your group. I have been looking at your articles for awhile now but I only joined today. Please could you give me your opinions/ experience of keeping otos and c.habrosus together? I “accidentally “ bought a couple of otos 6 months ago from my LFS ( went in for cherry shrimp , came out with otos) Spent the next few weeks worrying about them as I read that they often die soon after purchase and when they didn’t, I bought a couple more. They look plump and have grown and I love them. Currently they are in a 65L tank ( 60cm long, 30cm wide) and I have 4 otos and 4 male endlers. I would really like some more but think that I would need a bigger tank…. I was wondering if keeping some c. Habrosus with them might make them feel like they have a bigger gang? Does anyone have experience of this? so my questions are: If I get a larger tank , would 140L be big enough ( was thinking 90cm x40x40) for 10 otos and 10 c.habrosus ? Would it be best to get maybe 5 c.habrosus and add them to my current tank while a new one is growing some algae then put everything from old tank into new one ( including extra filter that I will run in old tank first) and then over a couple of months and more otos and then another 5 corys? I think I would re-cycle the 65l and move the the 4 endlers back in there. Current parameters Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrates<10 Ph 7.4 GH 8 KH 4 Thank you for reading all of this 😁

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