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Published by Fishadmin on 04/01/2004 (23185 reads)
Some information to read before buying a goldfish

Goldfish are the most popular pet in the world and live in many types of environment.

Unfortunately this ability to survive in what can be poor conditions leads many owners to believe that their badly kept pet is OK.

A bowl filled with tap water is not a suitable home for a goldfish.

To keep a goldfish properly you should have a tank (not a bowl), a tank hood and light (on a timer if you don't want to turn the light on and off each day), an internal filter and a bottle of tap water treatment.

Brief instructions are below on how to set up a goldfish tank, you may wish to read the 'My First Fish' and coldwater 'Setup' sections of the site as well. Remember you need to do the following before you buy any fish.

Place the tank away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat (like radiators) on a strong secure surface.

Put gravel (from a pet shop - not someone's drive!) that you've rinsed in a bucket or bowl into the tank.

Carefully attach the filter (we recommend what's known as an 'internal' filter).

Gently fill the tank with water (that you've treated with the water conditioner) and place some tank decorations (so the fish have somewhere to hide if they get scared) and plants (from the pet store again).

The next bit is very important: Get an adult to check everything is safe, ask them to check that water can't drip into the power socket (the instructions with the filter should explain this). If an adult has checked everthing you can now switch the power on. Whenever you lift the hood (lid) on your tank the power should be off.

Now you've probably noticed one thing missing? Yes there are no fish! This is because the tank needs to 'mature' before you can add any fish. This may take a few weeks so now you have plenty of time to read the other sections on this site and become a better pet owner.

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