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Pond Liner Sizes and other Pond Equipment
Published by TheDragonLord on 26/08/2006 (14148 reads)
In this article the pond size that will be used will be:

15ft x 10ft x 3ft deep
approx 12000L (2700 UK gallons)

Pond liner
Firstly find out the maximum dimensions (deepest point, widest and longest points) of the pond:

i.e 15 foot long x 10 foot wide x 3 foot deep

The calculations
length + twice the depth + 2ft
width + twice the depth + 2ft

This gives you the size of liner in feet, the extra 2 foot is so you have a 1ft flap all the way round to tuck under flag stones or build soil or something under and then fix it down over the soil so you have a rim and to stop the pond collapsing in on it's self.

15ft + (2x3) + 2 = 23ft
10ft + (2x3) + 2 = 18ft

Liner size = 23ft x 18ft

Pumps, filter boxes and UV lighting
The pond pump running the filter should pump 1/2 the pond volume every hour, in this case a 6000 lph pump will be fine. Larger pumps would be needed for a heavily stocked koi pond, which would mean a scaled up UV and filter box will be needed to cope with the faster flow. ie if the pump was 12000 lph then the filter would need to be for a pond twice the size as would the UV.

The filter box should be one rated for a pond of your size (in this case a 12000L pond) or one of a larger size will help do the job better even if the pump is still only 1/2 the pond volume per hour.

For UV filters a basic rule to follow is 10W per 1000 gallons, but the more the better, so a minimum UV for a pond of the size in the example would be 30W, but a larger one would prove more effective as the algae would experience more exposure to the UV if the pump size was still the same. Shallow ponds would need a higher wattage UV as they are sun traps so would need more UV to kill the extra algae that would grow. UV filters only clump together suspended algae, blanket weed wouldn't be touched.

If you have any further questions please ask in the pond section
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 Re: Pond Liner Sizes and other Pond Equipment

I should mention in order to keep koi healthy they need to be able to swim from the surface of the pond to the bottom of the pond as well as from side to side, it is accepted that the minimum depth for a koi pond should be 4+ feet, not 3 feet. Its not unusual to have a koi pond that is 5 feet deep.

?Filter boxes? are sometimes designated by their flow rate. It should be noted that this flow rate is often the maximum a ?filter box? can handle, it is there for wise to get one which is bigger than you think your pond requires.

Koi fish are not a ?beginners? fish, there is also more to looking after koi and koi ponds than this and the above article mention.

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 Re: Pond Liner Sizes and other Pond Equipment

hi im just wondering what type of equitment do u ned to keep carp if you could message me with everything needed please

  • Coldwater Moderator

 Re: Pond Liner Sizes and other Pond Equipment

There are some stickies in the pond section of the forum, have a read of those and then post back with any questions - we'll be needing more info anyway to be able to provide meaningful advice. Best to start a thread in the pond section

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 Re: Pond Liner Sizes and other Pond Equipment

I now have to go and apologise to my poor fish as my equipment is not as good as it should be.i`m using a pump thats too small and the filter box only copes with 750 gallons an hour now i know why one breeding koi died from dropsy and my mirror plate isn`t happy.

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 Re: Pond Liner Sizes and other Pond Equipment

Hi Teresa - welcome to FK Oh dear, sorry to hear you've lost a fish and another is looking unhappy - if you need any help just post in the pond section on the forum and someone will be able to advise

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